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Task Force 21

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Task Force 21

The most unique part of the effort is the Task Force 21 group. Task Force 21 came into existence in the late 1990s. It followed the successful efforts of Task Force 96, which was conceived in 1990 with a mission to ensure the Minot AFB existed and had two wings following the 1995 BRAC round. Having achieved this milestone, TF 96 was dissolved and TF 21, for the 21st century, came into existence.
Comprised of 12 volunteer members, TF 21 meets regularly with the ND CODEL, Pentagon officials, leaders from different major commands and the numbered Air Forces. TF 21 has worked diligently to advance both mission-related MILCON projects as well as health and morale projects. This would include nearly every major construction project that has occurred on Base over the last two decades. TF 21 has broad support of local and state elected officials, as it is funded by both the state legislature and the City of Minot. Knowing the interest that DOD and the Air Force has in the Joint Land Use Study process, the TF 21 also stepped up and funded the local share of the project. 
At the beginning of the last decade the TF 21 realized the challenge had gotten bigger. The national interest in the Strategic Triad had waned. TF 21 reached out and partnered with Peter Huessy and together embarked on a journey to rekindle the interest in the Triad and strategic deterrence.  
TF-21 leaders proposed an annual series of Nuclear Triad conferences in Washington DC and around the country at communities which host Triad-related military bases. The purpose was to both educate local communities, state and local officials, members of Congress, the public, and the media, while simultaneously working with the professional nuclear and defense communities around the country and in Washington to support the men and women of our nuclear forces and to devote sufficient resources to sustaining and modernizing all three legs of our nuclear Triad.  

Members of Task Force 21 are nominated and appointed to their positions.

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