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Only the Best Come North

Minot is centered on the North American continent. The city is served by US Highways 2, 52 and 83. Minot is located 150 miles from the Montana state line, 215 miles from the Minnesota state line, 200 miles from the South Dakota state line, and 55 miles from the Canadian International Boundary. Minot is located in Ward County.

NW North Dakota Topography

  • Latitude: 48° 18’N
  • Longitude: 101° 20’W
  • Elevation: 1,715 feet
  • Time Zone: Central
  • Area Code: 701

North Dakota has four distinct seasons - spring, summer, fall and winter. The summer season is warm and dry, which provides an excellent environment for many of North Dakota’s outdoor activities such as golf, fishing, swimming, etc. In the fall the leaves begin to change to beautiful reds and oranges.

Avg. Temps. High Low
Winter 15° F -2° F
Spring 51° F 31° F
Summer 82° F 58° F
Fall 56° F 35° F


Precipitation Averages
Average annual snowfall   34" - 40"
Average annual precipitation 17.24"
Prevailing Winds Northwest
Minot's only locally owned, hometown bank.
A cooperative, financial institution.