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Women Connect

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Women Connect

About Women Connect

Women Connect offers a meetup where women can focus on their professional development while learning and engaging with their peers. As our lives change,
we need to change and adapt. The speakers we bring in are here to support our
mission and help us learn how to adapt to the changing times.
Join us for a positive session where we grow and learn with each other.

Mission Statement

Women Connect is a program focused on developing female professionals through sessions that focus on topics important to a women's professional and personal life. Women Connect will address unique challenges, that professional women face in today's business environment and provide connections, inspiration, and an opportunity to socialize with and encourage one another, tapping into the sense of community women crave. 

Share - To provide knowledge and wisdom to utilize in all aspects of life. 
Build - To strengthen and enhance our skills to be our best self. 
Give - To deliver and offer tools to continue to enrich lives. 

Committee Members

Kathy Aas

Beth Feldner

Rianne Kuhn

Christel Laskowski

Jamie Swenson

Michelle Wall

Stay connected and learn more about Women Connect and upcoming events at
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