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Talent and Workforce

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Talent and Workforce

Minot's Hardworking Midwestern Workforce

Whether you are an employer or a job seeker, Minot’s workforce is full of opportunities. The Magic City’s educated and skilled workforce draws from the state’s full labor force of over 400,000. Minot’s diverse workforce includes 1,400+ retired Air Force personnel and talented graduates from over 25 colleges, universities, and technical schools across the state.
Employment Resources

Minot Job Openings
What kind of job are you looking for? Customize your job search by job benefits, your education, hours per week, salary, employer type- whatever you are looking for Job Service ND can help! 
Job Service North Dakota

For job openings, employee recruitment, or if you are looking for workforce data; Job Service ND can provide all the services you are looking for.
Looking for More Job Openings? See What the State has to Offer!
Search and review job openings throughout the state of North Dakota. You can review job opportunities without creating an account, once you stumble upon a job you are interested in, it only takes a minute to register.
North Dakota Department of Commerce: Find the Good Life in North Dakota
If you are on the hunt for employees or seeking the perfect job, visit Find the Good Life in North Dakota to maximize your workforce opportunities in North Dakota. 
TeamND is an easy to use system that allows employers unlimited posting of full-time or part-time jobs and internships with all campus members of the TeamND consortium. These campuses include: Bismarck State CollegeDickinson State UniversityMayville State UniversityMinot State UniversityND State College of ScienceUniversity of JamestownUniversity of MaryUniversity of North DakotaValley City State University, and Williston State College.  
Online Job Openings Report (Job Service ND)
If you are looking for additional job openings, visit the Online Job Openings Report and select Region 2 for positions in the Minot area.
More on Our Magic City's Workforce

Workforce Training Incentives
Are you a primary sector business looking for new employees? The Minot Area Chamber EDC can facilitate a workforce training incentive you won’t want to pass up! The North Dakota New Jobs Training Program can secure funding to offset the cost of training new employees for expansion and/or startup. Contact us at 701-852-6000 to learn more about this opportunity.

Colleges, Universities and Technical Schools
High-quality education is a top priority for North Dakota, our state’s higher education programs shape students into leaders and prepare them for our increasingly competitive global economy. North Dakota has over 25 different colleges, universities and tech-schools across the state that introduce more than 12,000 graduates into the workforce each year (Job Service ND). With core values of academic excellence, community engagement and responsibility, Minot State University is a key component to the Minot community. Known as the top-choice university for Canadian students and the third most affordable university in the U.S., Minot State University plays a special role in training the region’s innovative and hard-working workforce.

Minot is proud to be the home of Minot Air Force Base (MAFB), the only base housing two components of the nuclear triad for the U.S. Air Force. MAFB is ten miles north of Minot and has a population of approximately 12,000. MAFB is extremely important to the Minot community.

In 2020, MAFB had:
  • an economic impact of just over $622 million
  • 2,114 estimated indirect jobs
  • 6,803 base personnel
  • $106 million estimated annual dollar value of jobs created
  • Nearly 500 highly-skilled servicemen and women transition out of the military each year and join the civilian workforce, in addition to the 1,400+ retired military personnel that make up Minot’s workforce.
Responsible by Nature
Minot's only locally owned, hometown bank.
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