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Incentives and Taxes

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Incentives and Taxes

Capitalize on Our Financial Incentives

Is your business looking to expand? Look no further! Not only does Minot have the right infrastructure and dedicated workforce for your business to be successful, our community also offers many incentives for you to take advantage of.
Whether it’s local or state incentives, the Minot Area Chamber EDC will help facilitate a customized package for your business to benefit from. Incentives are usually based on the following criteria:
  • Direct economic benefits to the Minot area
  • Capital investment
  • Number of jobs created
  • Average wages of those new jobs
  • Amount of taxes generated by the project
  • The industry your business falls under
The Minot Area Chamber EDC will help guide your business so you can take advantage of the numerous programs available.

Are you already a business located in Minot? If so, contact MACEDC to see what type of programs are available for you! Call us at 701-852-6000 or email us at for more information.
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