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Minot's strategic location for value-added agriculture businesses offers direct access to 2 class 1 railroads, convenient access to 3 U.S. Highways, and many other unique advantages at the Logistics Park of North Dakota. North Dakota consistently ranks #1 and #2 for 18 different agriculture commodities, with Minot being a hub for production.

The Minot Area Chamber EDC focuses on value-added agriculture, which creates new economic activity and jobs by increasing the value of a product through modifications, introductions to new markets, and/or pre-production modifications that increase yields, quality, and uses.  

Minot area farms are unsurpassed in the amount of on-farm storage for the diverse crops they raise, a distinct advantage for end-use processors. The use of high-tech farm machinery and field application techniques by conscientious, caring farmers ensures quality commodities for renowned end-use products. Bring your business to Minot and add value to these commodities to provide food, fuel, and fiber for the world!

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