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Start Up Minot

Start Up Minot is designed to invigorate, encourage and entice entrepreneurs in the Minot region to execute their business idea. A regional coalition of support is in place for start-up companies, anyone with an idea for growing or starting their own business, or if an existing business is stuck and needs some help. Start Up Minot is two-pronged, with a cohort-based 10-week class called Start Up Minot Academy powered by CO.STARTERS, and a monthly business showcase/networking event under the name Start Up Minot that will focus on sharing the story of new and growing companies while connecting like-minded business leaders.

Coalition Members  

The coalition includes the following groups and businesses: ND Small Business Development Centers, Minot Area Chamber EDC, MSU Severson Entrepreneurship Academy, Strengthen ND, Creedence Energy, Souris Basin Planning Council, Dakota Business Lending and others.  

Jazmine Schultz, co-owner of Prairie Sky Breads,
at the first event.

Networking and Entrepreneur Showcase Event

The Start Up Minot business showcase/networking event is held on the second Thursday of every month, from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. The event is free and open to the public. We will see you there at the Carnegie Center in Downtown Minot!  

So what's going on? 
I am glad you asked! Regional partners who support businesses are starting a 10-week class to help start-up companies, growing businesses, entrepreneurs, long-time businesses – really, anyone with a new idea who might be stuck in any way or looking to grow their business. We are doing this to help you succeed.

What kind of class is it?
The Start Up Minot Academy powered by CO.STARTERS is a cohort-based program with the goal of giving fresh minds the tools, insights and relationships needed to succeed in implementing their business idea. The Academy goes for 10 weeks, meeting one day a week for three hours. It is a hands-on course – NOT a lecture – where you will join like-minded individuals in a journey to figure out how your business will work. Guest speakers, experts in their field from the community, will be at every class to help bring real-life answers to your real-life questions.

I have never heard of CO.STARTERS – who are they?
The CO.STARTERS company came recommended to us from the Fargo community and others who felt it would be a helpful partner in providing key curriculum for the Academy. They help communities like Minot build vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems through best-practice tools and resources needed to support starters of all kinds.

Is this even a good fit for me?
We think it can be! It’s simple – anyone with an idea for a business (any idea at all!) with a desire to learn more about how to start, or grow or solve a problem with your business is a good fit. We ask that you commit to be there the entire 10 weeks and that you participate in the group work as well as the out-of-class fieldwork. This isn’t a college-level course, but it will elevate your understanding of your future customers, how to distribute your product, assist with financial modeling and get you to the point of producing a formal business plan.
The first Start Up Minot networking event
on January 13, 2022.

Sounds too good to be true. What's the catch? How much does it cost?
No catch, we just want to help you grow and learn as you bring your great idea to reality. We feel like this type of facilitated class would typically cost between $750 and $1,000 for the 10 weeks, but for this year we are offering it at $150/person. This reduced cost is made possible due to the generous support of the Small Business Development Center and other sponsors.

Ok, I am in. What do I do next?
Great! We know you will love the class. To sign up for the class please contact Mark Lyman at the Minot Area Chamber EDC and he will walk you through the simple registration process which should only take a few minutes.

Oh yeah, when does it start and where will it be held?
The next cohort of classes for Start Up Minot Academy powered by CO.STARTERS will start on January 31, 2024 from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. at the Carnegie Center in downtown Minot and will be weekly until April 3. Registration and applications for the next cohort this year is currently underway. 

More questions? Call or email Mark Lyman at the Minot Area Chamber EDC.


Licensed CO.STARTERS member badge  

What do students have to say?

"I loved hearing from our guest speakers, the broad array of topics covered, and the ability to dive in deeper if needed. I have only started to explore the online resources, but found the provided course materials very valuable and such a great reference. Some chapters were more valuable than others, and it was great to get an overview of all -- from identifying our customers to financial projections. I especially loved the connections with other "students" that were made. We all have such different business ventures but were able to bounce ideas off each other, learn from each other, and offer encouragement. It was energizing to hear that others are working through challenges yet still moving forward. Co.Starters is definitely the place for entrepreneurs who are looking to be inspired and encouraged!" 
- Erika Kelly, 917 interiors
We are so glad you are interested in Start Up Minot! Please answer the questions below and we will be in touch soon!

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