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State of the City: 'The Future of Minot Looks Bright'

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State of the City: 'The Future of Minot Looks Bright'

Posted: Mar 01 2022
State of the City: 'The Future of Minot Looks Bright'
Minot Mayor Shaun Sipma delivered the State of the City address to a packed room at the former Cognizant building on Friday, February 18. The location of the new high school, the Cognizant building was the perfect setting for his forwardlooking speech focusing on the major wins of 2021 in economic development, flood protection, expansion, and growth and how those choices are setting Minot up for success in the future.

Mayor Sipma reflected on a year of big moves forward for the City of Minot: Trinity Health’s new campus, activity at the intermodal facility, the new City Hall project, Mouse River Flood Enhancement Project phases being completed, and the new fire station – to name a few.

“The choices our predecessors made set us on our current path, and the choices we are making today will move our community into the future,” said Sipma. “We have purposefully and willingly made difficult choices on things like NAWS, flood control, a new high school, all things that will make Minot a better and more resilient community well into the future.”

Mayor Sipma called out the efforts of the Minot Area Chamber EDC completing the merger and staying true to the goal of creating opportunities for new and exisiting businesses. One such opportunity was realized in 2021: the nationally recognized industrial park now includes a busy intermodal facility. It is the largest such distribution hub between Chicago and Seatle, and not coincidentally, is adjacent to the only BNSF Site Certified property in North Dakota. He also thanked the businesses seeking to fulfill their growth potential while fostering partnerships including Hess Corporation and AGT Foods. "Minot has a lot ot offer businesses, large and small, and we will continue to tell Minot's story to the world."

Mayor Sipma thanked the many community partners vital to Minot’s success. “Public schools, Minot State, Minot Air Force Base, local, state, and federal lawmakers, the Minot Chamber EDC, Magic Fund, State Water Commission, Souris River Joint Board, and more. All of these things work together for the betterment of Minot.”

During his address, Sipma recognized Eric Locken as Minot's Citizen of the Year. Nominated by several people, Locken was described as a dedicated community member and volunteer with unique and effective fundraising ideas that have made a real impact across the community. Locken recieved a $1,000 donation courtesy of Farmers Union Insurance to donate to the charity of his choice. Locken chose Project Bee.

While the City of Minot has overcome many challenges in previous years, the future of the Magic City looks bright.

Mayor Shaun Sipma
A cooperative, financial institution.
Trinity Health