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Minot Area Chamber EDC Launches New Talent Portal To Attract Newcomers Nationwide

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Minot Area Chamber EDC Launches New Talent Portal To Attract Newcomers Nationwide

Posted: May 01 2023
Minot Area Chamber EDC Launches New Talent Portal To Attract Newcomers Nationwide

Attracting top-tier talent to the Minot area is a major priority for our employers, and a new talent attraction program is here to help. Launched by the Minot Chamber EDC in partnership with RoleCall, a national talent attraction agency, the Minot WayFinders Talent Portal is a digital service designed to make the process of relocation to the Minot area even easier.

Minot WayFinders creates a personalized connection for newcomers and potential newcomers to the Minot area, helping them access the information, assistance, and support they need during their relocation process.

Anyone looking to relocate to Minot can visit to answer a few questions about themselves. Minot Chamber EDC staff will connect them with a local WayFinder who shares similar interests or phase of life. The WayFinder can answer questions for someone looking to move to Minot or connect someone new to the community with new friends and things to do.

"We couldn't be more excited to launch Minot WayFinders!" says Keli Rosselli-Sullivan, Workforce Development Specialist for the Minot Area Chamber EDC. "We love sharing the magic of Minot with others — and our WayFinders will be incredible champions for our community, helping draw talent from around the nation."

The Minot WayFinders program seeks to fulfill the needs of local employers to help retain talent they work to recruit to their organizations and Minot. This program provides intentional, established, and precise procedures for actively onboarding new community members.

“The State of North Dakota set a great example for us by launching their Find the Good Life campaign in 2022,” says Brekka Kramer, President | CEO of the Minot Area Chamber EDC. “That program has already helped a number of people discover why North Dakota is a perfect place to live, work, and play. Minot WayFinders is the community platform to support the Department of Commerce campaign. We’re excited to do even more in the Minot area to showcase everything that makes our community special.”

“To solve the ongoing workforce shortage in North Dakota, we need to be innovative and inviting, and focus on talent attraction,” says Josh Teigen, North Dakota Commerce Commissioner. “Minot WayFinders is a great example of how we can do this by connecting potential newcomers to our state with some of the most welcoming people in our communities. We’re excited to see Minot embrace Find the Good Life and can’t wait to see the program attract talent and grow our economy.”

For more information on the Minot WayFinders program, contact the Minot Area Chamber EDC Workforce Development Specialist | Military Liaison Keli Rosselli-Sullivan at

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