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MACEDC To Serve as Liaison for Global Oilfield Recruitment Effort

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MACEDC To Serve as Liaison for Global Oilfield Recruitment Effort

Posted: Apr 25 2023
MACEDC To Serve as Liaison for Global Oilfield Recruitment Effort

The Minot Area Chamber EDC is proud to announce its role as community liaison for Bakken GROW: an initiative that aims to tackle workforce shortage issues in the oil and gas industry through immigration.

Bakken GROW, which stands for Global Recruitment of Oilfield Workers, was launched by the North Dakota Petroleum Council (NDPC) in April. As a community liaison, the Minot Area Chamber EDC (MACEDC) will work with the NDPC as well as local oil and gas businesses to help legal immigrants find roles in the industry. Three local businesses have agreed to participate in the Bakken GROW initiative so far: Creedence Energy Services, NewKota, and SandPro. All three are members of both the NDPC and MACEDC.

The first priority of the program will be to hire Ukrainian citizens who have fled their country following Russia’s invasion in 2022. “They need our help. We need their help,” says Ron Ness, President of the NDPC.

“The Bakken GROW program is a humanitarian mission and a workforce solution,” says former Lt. Governor Brent Sanford, who serves as Project Manager for Bakken GROW. “The NDPC staff and membership are excited to begin sharing the hospitality of North Dakota and the tremendous Bakken career opportunities with a wider group of individuals.”

“Workforce Development is one of our organization’s key pillars as we look to the future,” says Brekka Kramer, President | CEO of the Minot Area Chamber EDC. “We believe Bakken GROW will be an outstanding way to recruit new employees to our community’s energy sector and bring much-needed relief to an industry that has been hit hard by workforce shortages.”

The NDPC says each Ukrainian immigrant requires a sponsor before they can relocate to the United States. Keli Rosselli-Sullivan, Workforce Development Specialist for the Minot Area Chamber EDC, hopes individuals in the Minot area will consider joining in the effort. “The Ukrainian refugees we will see coming to the United States are eligible for foreign employment and have completed the necessary steps in order to relocate safely and securely,” Rosselli-Sullivan says. “We’re excited to serve as ‘first friends’ and help our newcomers feel like they are a part of the Magic City.”

The role of a sponsor is to greet refugee newcomers at the airport, ensure they have basic start-up necessities, connect them with health and education services, and help them integrate into their new community.

Anyone interested in sponsoring a Ukrainian immigrant to come to North Dakota is invited by NDPC to begin the process online at
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