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June recipients of the Minot Area Chamber EDC Eagle Award Program

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June recipients of the Minot Area Chamber EDC Eagle Award Program

Posted: Jun 18 2021
June recipients of the Minot Area Chamber EDC Eagle Award Program
June recipients of the Minot Area Chamber EDC Eagle Award Program are:

Caryn Repnow - McDonald’s

Caryn Repnow
"Caryn is always friendly and personally thanks me in advance when I order she knows who I am by order. She always look like she likes her job."
- Michael McEown


Jenna Hurt, Jacqueline Lausch, Nicole Rivera - Minot Police Department

Jenna HurtJacqueline LauschNicole Rivera
"As the incident commander of the fire in Carpio in April, I had called on central dispatch for many things. These include paging out several other departments; I believe 14 agencies in total were assisting us. We had to evacuate the town and these three women made my job as the incident commander go very smoothly. I was calling for more resources very quickly as the fire approached the town. They handled it very quickly, calmly and flawlessly for me. This is what truly saved the community of carpio. Yes, we were the feet on the ground on the front line, but without these three, the outcome could have been much different. I can't thank them enough for their quick thinking and communication with us."
- Karter Lesmann, Burlington Fire Chief


Ronda Carlson - RSI

Ronda Carlson
"I am honored to nominate Ronda Carlson for the Eagle Award. She is most deserving. Ronda goes above and beyond in her job as a supervisor at the RSI group home. There are so many circumstances that qualify Ronda for this award. I would like to address a specific circumstance.  My son was a resident of RSI group home and he passed away in April of 2019. Since before he passed and since he passed, Ronda has provided compassion, empathy & dignity to our family. Ronda has always gone above and beyond. I sincerely thank Ronda for all she has done and continues to do. It is an honor to nominate Ronda."
- Terri Bothwell


Ruth Lang - Elmcroft Assisted Living

Ruth Lang
"During the times during the fall and winter when the residents were in quarantine, Ruth worked extra hard to keep the secluded residents informed and up to date with their mall."
- Jim Goodman


Chris Nelson - Ward County State’s Attorney

Chris Nelson
"After a hearing with Judge Mattson, Chris Nelson assisted my daughter with the paperwork required by the judge. He readily volunteered to help her when he noted her stress. This act of kindness and professionalism significantly reduced our stress and left everyone with a very positive feeling. Chris's actions not only helped us, but created a positive impression for the State's Attorney's Office."
- Patrick L. Travnicek


Tiffany Burckhard-Teets - Chiropractic Health and Wellness

Tiffany Burckhard-Teets
"I had hurt myself helping with the calving process at our ranch. The little guy was only a few hours old but did a number on me. Needless to say, I was pretty sore and needed the chiropractor to adjust a few places that were out of whack. She worked me in at the end of the day and worked on multiple areas of my body that were a muscled tangle of a mess. She was so patient and kind in working from one area to the next and sometimes having to repeat the same process over and over again to eliminate the muscles spasming again. I was in her office almost tow hours and I have to admit that I was sore when I left, but nothing like I was when I entered the front door. 

She has a special dedication to her patients and makes them all feel special. Her patients are not just an appointment but a person hat she genuinely cares about. I believe she goes over and above on a regular basis but she soared high this time giving me the attention I needed to recover!!!
- Jami Brossart


Mahli Blowers - Trinity Health

Mahli Blowers
"Mahli was very pleasant and helpful in assisting a veteran to obtain an earlier appointment than he was originally scheduled when needed. She was kind and cheerful on the phone. I appreciated her friendly approach in assisting me!"
- Holly Luck


Lisa Pond - North Hill Marketplace

"My son misplaced his Nintendo Switch case, which included his wallet and his Nintendo. I received a messenger request on Facebook from Lisa Pond asking if I knew my son. Evidently, someone found his Switch case and turned it into customer service at Marketplace Foods. Lisa went above and beyond by researching who the wallet/Switch belonged to and also by contacting me on Facebook so that my son and his items could be reunited."
- Carrie


Aften Grant McGee - Hankla & Backes, P.C.

Aften Grant


Ken Locken (retired)

"Ken built a room and pantry area for the Faith United Soup Kitchen and did it for no charge. Ken worked very hard to help others for free."
- Bill Dennis


Dr. Helen Azarmi, MD - Center for Family Medicine

Dr. Helen Azarmi MD
"Dr. Helen Azarmi, M.D. is my doctor and is very intelligent, knowledgeable and compassionate. Dr. Azarmi asks many questions about your health, and answers any questions about your health and vaccinations you may have. I would HIGHLY RECCOMEND Dr. Helen Azarmi to any person who is looking for a doctor."
-Larry Simonson


Maryann Iarossi - Slumberland Furniture

"We had some damage to our furniture and needed repairs. We worked with Maryann throughout the process. There were delays and hiccups due to COVID. Maryann was very responsive to any questions. She went the extra mile and found ways to handle and explain things that were beyond her control. We need more Maryanns in the world. It was a pleasure to work with her and we appreciate the care she took handling our situation."
- Melissa Selzer

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