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Imagining Minot: NDSU Architecture Students Share Vision for Downtown Minot

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Imagining Minot: NDSU Architecture Students Share Vision for Downtown Minot

Posted: May 04 2023
Imagining Minot: NDSU Architecture Students Share Vision for Downtown Minot

A potential future for downtown Minot was unveiled this week as fourth-year architecture students from North Dakota State University, under the instruction of Kristi Hanson, shared the results of a semester-long project.

Hanson’s architecture students presented Imagining Minot in person at the Swiontek Center in Fargo and virtually on Wednesday, May 3, 2023.

The project features sixteen students’ ideas for ways to reinvigorate downtown Minot — from refreshed façades and green spaces to potential uses for the recently vacated Trinity Hospital building and Minot’s two downtown parking structures. Each design concept was brought to life in a video presentation featuring detailed artistic renderings of the designs. The students also discussed their individual projects with attendees during a social following the presentation.

“It has been my privilege and honor to guide these students over the last few months,” Kristi Hanson said. “Working on a real project for real clients — a project that has the opportunity to impact the lives of individuals, families, and the Minot community — has been incredibly rewarding for all of us.”

The Imagining Minot project began in January of 2023, when Hanson’s class took a walking tour of downtown Minot and drew inspiration from conversations with various community stakeholders.

“The question we sought to answer was, ‘Who does Minot want to be?’” Hanson said. “The passion, energy, and enthusiasm that was shared with us in January informed the creative process that unfolded over the course of the semester.”

After the presentation, leaders from Minot expressed their gratitude to Hanson and her architecture students.

“What you did for our community is amazing,” said Brekka Kramer, President | CEO of the Minot Area Chamber EDC. “You saw the potential that we all see in Minot and captured our identity so well — from Minot Air Force Base to our Scandinavian heritage and beyond. We can’t wait to share these ideas with the community.”

“These students’ hard work over the last three months has given our community a recipe for success,” said Minot Mayor Tom Ross. “Now it’s up to us to follow that recipe. This vision for downtown Minot is going to impact Minot for generations to come.”

“I thank Kristi for leading NDSU to fulfill its land-grant values,” said Kevin Black, Chair of the Minot Area Chamber EDC Board of Directors and member of the North Dakota Board of Higher Education. “NDSU has a special mission to serve the entire state of North Dakota, and this project accomplishes that mission in a remarkable way. Thank you for capturing the magic of Minot!”

You are invited to watch the Imagining Minot video presentation here.

You can also see a PDF printed version of the report below.
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