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Get out and vote: November 8

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Get out and vote: November 8

Posted: Nov 03 2022
Two local races are a focus of this election in the city and county. Minot City Council and Ward County Commission both have openings this November 8. There are two candidates running for one spot on the Minot City Council. They are current city alderman, appointed by the mayor for the past 3 months to fill his vacant spot on the council, Roscoe Streyle from United Community Bank and Scott Burlingame from Independence Inc.

The Ward County Commission has four people running for two spots on their board. They are; Incumbent John Fjeldahl, Lance Makeeff, Jason Olson and Alan Walter.

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2022 General Election - November 8th
Early Voting: October 31st through November 4th & 7th from 10am - 6pm at the Ward County Administration

Election Day Voting Centers: *Ward County Voters can vote at any of the centers*

• State Fair Center (Minot), 2005 E Burdick Expy, Minot ND 58701
• Maysa Arena (Minot), 2501 W Burdick Expy, Minot ND 58701
• Berthold Senior Center, 309 Main Street N, Berthold ND 58718
• Ryder City Hall, 260 N Main Street, Ryder ND 58779
• Kenmare Memorial Hall, 5 3rd St NE, Kenmare, ND 58746
• Sawyer City Hall, 104 Dakota Ave, Sawyer, ND 58781
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