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Adopt an Airman... It's Just That Easy

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Adopt an Airman... It's Just That Easy

Posted: Sep 02 2021
Adopt an Airman... It's Just That Easy
Looking at Airman Paul Russells’ Adopt an Airman application, you would wonder “What in the world can we do that would be exciting for him?” Originally from Washington, he does scuba diving, white water rafting (he’s an instructor) outdoors activities, biking…well you get the picture. But what Paul hasn’t done is sail, and his eyes lit up when my wife, Sue, and I proposed that he accompany us on our sailboat. “Yeah, I haven’t ever sailed, and I would like to” was his response. Done! We set a date and time and told him that his afternoon cruise included supper on the lake, albeit a simple supper that included hot dogs on the grill, potato salad, and fresh fruit. You know, normal North Dakota picnic menu.

Well, the day came, and after a few last minute details we hit the lake. Our CAL 27 sailboat is in a slip at Ft. Stevenson State Park south of Garrison so just an hour away by car, and it takes minutes for us to be on the lake, sails up and dancing across the waves…except there wasn’t much wind at first. Opportunity! Hey Paul, would you like to take a swim. It was a warm August day, and within seconds Paul was over the edge and disappeared into Lake Sakakawea. The afternoon winds would eventually pick up, and Paul was able absorb some instructions from Sue and pretty soon he was at the helm of Celebration. So, add another line to the application, Paul really likes to sail, too.

That’s just how easy it is to plan an event for your Adopt an Airmen friend. However, please remove “plan” in that sentence. “That just how easy it is to include your Adopt an Airman friend in your normal family activities.” What Sue and I heard from Paul is that he just really wanted a way to get off base, out of the dorms, and see what Minot has to offer. It could be a backyard barbecue, a quick cup of coffee, an afternoon at the zoo, or just a seat in the boat for a walleye fishing trip. The point is, they are here for at least 2 years, and they don’t know where to start when it comes to the Minot, North Dakota experience. That’s where you come in. If you live on the base, or in town, please consider the Adopt an Airman program. The process is simple. Fill out the sponsor application on the Minot Chamber/EDC website; fax, email or mail the application back to the Minot Chamber/EDC, and within days you will be matched with an Airman who has shown an interest in developing a relationship with a sponsor family. It takes just minutes, and you are on your way. There are 2 main advantages: 1) You get to know a young person who wants to know more about Minot and 2) That young person will share a wealth of information about Minot AFB and the Air Force community.

Get out your phone or planner right now and add a note: Fill out an Adopt an Airman sponsor application. We have far more Airmen than we have sponsors, so now is the time to “Step Up To The Plate” and Adopt an Airman.
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